Device Management

Most studies use mobile devices that have voice, text, and/or data plans. Investigators are able to turn these services “on” and “off” for a given device as needed, and the cost is prorated based on actual use. DREAM staff will manage the activation and deactivation of mobile devices with Verizon. Device management costs are higher for studies that require service plans to be frequently turned “on” and “off” and for studies with more devices and participants. DREAM is currently partnered with Verizon Wireless to provide wireless services.   

The DREAM program has developed an online Device Management System (DMS) that allows investigators to monitor their devices’ status and request device activation and suspension.   

The DMS makes it convenient for investigators to manage their devices and reduce activation costs from Verizon. 

DREAM staff oversee the Device Management System.  On a daily basis, DREAM staff send activation/suspension requests to Verizon.  In addition, they verify status changes from Verizon and update the DMS database.  Our staff monitors Verizon invoicing to verify all charges and invoice the researchers on a monthly basis, providing a summary of all device activity.  In addition, we maintain device inventory (labeling devices, entry into database, basic setup). 

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